Aloe and Natural Hair Care

There's something special about the aloe plant.

It may not always look that impressive seated in its planter, but the natural ingredients of the aloe plant have powerful healing capabilities.

This is one of those natural substances that homeopathic therapists used for centuries to treat all sorts of conditions and revitalize the human body.

We include aloe in our Nate Hair Care Masque product for a reason: because we're dedicated to natural processes and natural ingredients, rather than relying on modern chemical supplies to produce results for our customers. We know that this is what our customers want, and we know the value, the “why” of using natural products for sustainable results. 

Aloe and Other Natural Ingredients

In addition to the aloe in our Nate Hair Care Masque, we use kaolin clay, which is known for its high quantities of phosphorus and potassium. Another one of these ingredients is Pacific kelp – yes, that's right, seaweed. Many of us are familiar with the health value of seaweed in general, but looking in more detail, you can see how the omega-3 fatty acids in Pacific kelp play a role in how Nate Hair Care Masque products work.

What Natural Means

When we say we offer natural products, we’re really saying much more than that.

Our products are vegan – they don't include the ground-up, mashed-up or pulverized body parts of animals, or products pulled from these animals for consumeristic purposes.

Our products are cruelty-free – they don't rely on brutal animal trials for their development!

Our products are free of sulfate and silicones, which are very much the norm in some low quality products, and similarly free of contaminants like certain kinds of plastics and industrial chemicals. Some of this stuff ends up in our bodies, and some ends up in landfills – but we don’t want it to be there at all!

All of this is a large part of what we offer our customers as a company with a dedication to what’s natural. It’s important! We know that the addition of contaminating ingredients to cosmetics and foods drives certain kinds of health crises, and impacts the health of the planet. When you buy from us, you’re helping to commit to a cycle of life and sustainability, unlike with corporate products that are made to get their makers the bottom dollar. 

Learn more about our natural product at the web site and get involved in an exciting opportunity! Your hair will thank you.