The Masque

Naté Hair Care was made to nourish all hair types naturally with the philosophy that less is more and the belief that our natural ingredients are powerful enough to deliver hair transformation without compromising on quality. 



Experience the benefits of using a deep conditioner with no dimethicone, which is a greasy silicone found in most deep conditioners in the market. Our formula is light and you won’t  experience heavy hair after deep conditioning. Results include deep nourishment with our light-weight texture that is free of toxins and rich in nutrients essentials for optimal hair health. 
Aloe vera conditions the hair leaving a brilliant shine and softness. The properties of aloe are also very similar to keratin, which is the primary structural protein of hair. We incorporated aloe because the chemical makeup matches keratin naturally while adding essential hair vitamins (A, C, E, & B-12) to our formula.  Aloe also rejuvenates the hair with folic acid giving it more elasticity and prevents  breakage. 
Kaolin clay plays a key role in our formula with high levels of potassium and trace elements that hydrates and supports the growth of new hair cells. It also gives it a matte texture unlike other soapy conditioners with toxic suds.  As one of the most gentle and detoxifying clays with a low pH level, kaolin gently remineralizes and fortifies hair while leaving it with more texture and volume. Kaolin is also color safe and gently cleanses the hair or scalp. 
The star player in our formula is the pacifc kelp, a seaweed known for its richness in minerals, iodine, sodium, calcium, and amino acids that are essentials for hair growth. It is also high in vitamins  A, B1, C, D, K and E, which promotes shine, growth, and prevent loss or breakage. Kelp also contains laminaria angustata, an extract that targets hair thickening, growth, and healthy follicles. 

    • COCOS NUCIFERA:  coconut oil, a natural emollient that penetrates the hair and fights free radicals
    • STEARYL ALCOHOL: a naturally derived fatty alcohol used to soothe and soften
    • CETYL ALCOHOL: an all purpose thickener with a moisturizing effect
    • GLYCERIN: natural humectant, which attract and draws moisture to your hair and scalp 
    • BRASSICYL ISOLEUCINATE ESYLATE AND BRASSICA ALCOHOL: derived from fermentation and plant materials from sustainable green chemistry. It also provides superior conditioning performance aiding performance and reducing flyaways
    • GLYCERYL CAPRYLATE: an emulsifier derived from plants
    • GLYCERYL UNDECYLENATE: a natural emulsifier also antimicrobial
    • TETRASODIUM GLUTAMATE DIACETATE:  a non toxic chelating agent with preservative boosting properties