The Top Benefits of Making the Switch to Silicone Free Hair Care Products

It has happened to virtually everyone at some point – you get out of the shower after washing with your favorite shampoo only to realize that it no longer makes your hair appear shiny and full. Instead, your locks are lifeless and oily.

At this point, you are likely wondering – what went wrong?

You may think this occurs because it is time to change up your hair care routine. However, this isn’t the case.

The real issue is usually silicone. According to organic standards, silicones are forbidden, but this is not true for the more popular and widely used mainstream hair care products. Not only are silicones bad for the environment and your health, but they also may cause more damage than good for your hair.

An In-Depth Look at Silicones

Silicones were created in a lab to help make damaged and dry hair look healthier. However, they are a cheap ingredient designed to provide your hair with that silky and smooth feel you are looking for. They will create a layer around the shaft of your hair, smooth the strand by filling it up, and then waterproofing every strand. The chemical composition of silicone is designed to make your hair feel slippery and untangled when you wash it, which is a great option for blow-drying and brushing – after all, who wants to deal with tangles? However, you may not realize that silicones may disrupt and damage your hair over time.

How Silicone Got a Bad Reputation

While silicones can create a temporary illusion of someone with healthy hair, they are actually quite unnatural ingredients. These are similar to plastic and rubber and can have serious side effects on your hair, along with the environment. There are more than a few reasons to choose silicone-free products, with the top reasons highlighted below.

They Create a Fake Shine

When your hair is properly hydrated and the outer layer is sealed, the light will reflect off your hair, causing it to shine. The shine from silicones is essentially plastic in your hair.

Silicones Are Not Biodegradable

Silicones will not break down, which means the residue of the products you use are flushed down the drain and into your water system. Eventually, they make it to lakes, rivers, and oceans, causing harm to the environment and animals.

A Heavier Head

Most silicones are considered hydrophobic. This means they can be hard to wash out and will build up, one layer at a time. This results in your hair feeling heavier and looking lifeless, greasy, and dull.

Keeps Nutrients from Penetrating Your Hair

When a barrier of silicones builds up in your hair, it keeps the essential nutrients from reaching the strands. This makes your hair weaker and much more likely to break.

If you want to avoid all the downsides that are caused by silicone hair care products, the best thing you can do is to purchase items that do not include these ingredients. When you do this, you will not have to deal with any of the issues listed here.